The Best Places to Go Whale Watching on the West Coast

For many communities across the West Coast, the whale-watching season is one of the biggest seasons. This season is full of festivals and of course numerous cruises for whale-watching. While many of these cruises could be really pricey some of them are quite affordable. If you are one of those nature-loving types, this annual migration season of whales between Alaska and Mexico will guarantee those breath-taking views and of course the fascinating whales slowly moving majestically across the sea.

In this piece, we will explore some of the best places around the West Coast where you can go whale watching. Let’s take a closer look at these places.

Mendocino, California

With the three big time festivals around in Mendocino namely the Mendocino Whale Festival, Fort Bragg Festival and the Little River Festival, this is one of the best places to visit for whale lovers. You can easily spot whales without any help of a tour guide. The best vantage points from where the whales could be spotted are Mendocino Headlands State Park and the Point Arena Lighthouse. You can go for boat excursions in Fort Bragg for as little as $35.

San Diego

There are some amazing places to go around and enjoy whale watching in San Diego. In fact, whale watching is one activity that San Diego (particularly La Jolla) is well known for. Some of the Vantage points include the Whale Watch Point near the historical Cabrillo Monument Lighthouse, the towers of the Torrey Pines State Reserve, and of course the patio at the back of the Birch Aquarium. If you want to go visiting in the sea, some companies provide 2-3 hour whale watching tours where you can either kayak out to sea or be brought out in a boat to get a closer look.

San Francisco

You can make use of an online peer to peer marketplace to rent a boat as well. GetMyBoat is one such service where you can get boat rented from boat owners for a 2.5-hour ride that not just facilitates whale watching but some of the exclusive scenes of other sea creatures such as dolphins, seals, porpoises, etc. Not just that, you can also explore some bird colonies as well in the sea. It will cost $35 for kids and $45 for adults.

Oceanside, California

If you wish to see these amazing marine creatures all at once, you will not be disappointed. Fin whales, Minke whales, and Gray whales are common sightings in this area. You can take the 2-hour boat trips offered by Oceanside Adventures from the Oceanside Harbor, that promises the participants spectacular views and sightings of the four dolphin species, sea birds and sea lions. The captain on these boats is a naturalist who narrates the trip. Tickets are available at $35 for kids below 12 years of age and $45 for adults.

Monterey Bay, California

The whale watching in Monterey is as good as going on an African Safari due to the availability of blue whales, humpbacks, minke whales, fin whales, and gray whales. You can also spot these whales from the land as well. The best thing to do is to drive southwards along the Big Sur via the Highway. The boat rides are available for Adults @44, children between 4 to 12 @ $29, and $15 for kids 3 years and below.

Washington State

The coast of this city is famous for the killer whale or Orca sightings. Whale watching may get more expensive than many other places but you may still get the best deals here. The tours are organized by Everett and are priced at $29 for kids and $69 for adults, however, you may get some discounts. You can also see the animals from the land from the Lime Kiln State Park Point which is famous for whale watching.


Gray whales pass nearly five miles away from the coast of Oregon on their way to Mexico for the breeding season that falls between December and January. While coming back they get even more closer to the coast between March and June. This yearly migration of about 18,000 whales ensures you enjoy some breathtakingly beautiful scenes of these majestic animals moving about in all their glory. The providers are the Tradewinds Charters in the Depoe Bay offering cheap whale watching cruises for children at $10 to $18 and for adults at $20.


The West Coast is full of amazing places for that animal and sea lover in you. Embark on one of these beautiful journeys along the west coast and witness some of the most beautiful phenomena of nature in all its wonderful glory.

This post will surely help you with some good to know information for your plans.


Why Men Love Fishing

7 reasons men love fishing

Do you love fishing?

Well, if you understand the dynamics of fishing then you know what I am talking about. There is a belief that shows most men love fishing. Nowadays, the art of fishing is gradually declining because urbanization as limited fishing opportunities brought by infrastructures such as shopping centers, bridges and roads, are blocking access to the fishing spot.

However, fishing is still one of the most favorite activities that men find pleasurable. The following are 6 quick reasons why men love fishing.

It is a perfect way to release stress

Fishing is a perfect way to release some stress. Most men usually pursue difficult and demanding tasks which sometimes can be stressful. Others have had a long time trying to meet family and occupational needs.

Therefore, when they go for fishing it makes them feel relaxed because of the closeness to nature brought by the fishing environment; it is the ultimate stress-relieving mechanism which has some therapeutic benefits because nothing is more calming than sitting silently on your boat as you maneuver along the glimmering waters of the lake with the pink summer sky and smokey pillows when dusk sets in.

It Builds a quality circle of friends

Fishing provides a good platform where you can bond with your family and friends because I remember during my childhood days we got into a deep conversation with my grandfather and after fishing, I felt like it was the best time that I had with him. Additionally, you will also enjoy a quality circle of Friends especially those who love fishing. This is because you engage in the same activity and you share common stories and experiences.

fishing buddies

It makes you feel more masculine

The feeling of masculinity is a strong rejuvenating feeling that man possesses. When you implement the skills acquired from fishing, your family and friends will see you as a reliable masculine man who will be able to take care of the family irrespective of the situation. When fishing with my grandpa, I always felt more masculine and manly especially after a big catch, even though I was merely a child.

The rewards can be exhilarating

There isn’t much in this world that comes close to the feeling of making a huge catch. Most hobby fishermen would rather catch one big fish than 1000 small (or even medium sized) ones.

a big catch makes us feel proud

It is a comprehensive sport

Fishing is a comprehensive sport because I remember any time I wanted to go fishing I felt that it was the best outdoor activity that I could engage in. The swaying, sweating, rain, and wind have some physical strength which is an exercise on its own. That is why fishermen are usually physically fit and some can even live as long as 90 years old. This explains why fishing is a sport that allows men to keep themselves physically fit as the source for the fish.

It helps in shaping personality

Fishing provides you with an opportunity to live a minimalist lifestyle where you will have to abandon fortune, fame and monetary gains and embrace the beauty, the peace of mind and relaxation that nature presents. It also teaches you patience because fish are not caught instantly. You will have to keep the spirit and hope that you will get something by the end of the day. It may take longer hours before you are successful but eventually, you will learn to be patient in life. It also impacts you with some survival tactics and problem-solving skills that you can apply in your day-to-day life.

fishing teaches patience

It gives no room to extramarital affairs

People who love fishing have no money and time to engage in extramarital affairs. All they think is how they will spend their time and money on buying equipment and fishing gear.

Therefore, Fishing redefines a man’s relationship. You will notice that most fishermen love their wives because they value happiness and their wives and kids. At the end of the day, he knows that he will walk home with a bunch of fresh fish so that he can enjoy with the rest of the family.

Bottom Line

If you are a man and you’re looking for an activity to redefine your purpose in life then the ultimate option is going for fishing. Most men who have done fishing before have fully appreciated the values of the skills that they got from this activity. That is why most fishermen have reputable personalities and transferable skills that can benefit their kids and future generation.


Best Tips for Fall Walleye

Fall is the best season for walleye fishing. Fishermen can find the best fishing of the whole season, especially for prize class fish.

Fall fishing can be simple and tough both. Ironically, the nastier and harder the conditions in the fall, the much better the fishing can be.

Fall fishing patterns nevertheless can also be discouraging and random when warm water temperature levels press late into the season.

Warming Patterns Seem to Scatter Fish

We can stack on the honors of fall fishing; however, there is normally that duration before these fall patterns set up where the fish can appear truly spread.

Abnormally warm falls or even a week of warm weather conditions in the fall can actually decipher some great fall patterns.

Stones and Structure Fishing

Walleyes will relate to stones and structure through the open water season. However, these places simply get much better and more foreseeable come fall.

Deep structure and rock that extends out of the main basin or off the old river channel in a tank are traditional fall walleye fishing.

These rock fields frequently do not leap out to anglers on a map chip and can be fatal areas for discovering fall walleye particularly if they are over deep water or are close to a fast-breaking shape.

Big and Slow

When the water temperature levels begin to plunge in the fall, it could be found that it is much more effective if we tone down our speed.

What is fascinating is that fish are usually much more aggressive in the fall when comparing water temperature levels and how fish respond to what we see with the very same water temperature levels in the spring.

The Last Green Weeds

Brown weeds still standing can still hold fish more than what some anglers would picture if there is great water distributing in these passing away weeds however what can hold an incredible quantity of fish specifically early in the fall before some of the main fall patterns actually take hold are still green weeds.

For numbers of fish come fall, especially bigger schools of eater class fish, it may be harder to discover a much better general pattern than the last green weeds left on a fishery.

Cold and Nasty Neighborhood Areas

As fall comes, do not think the obvious as there is normally some incredible fishing on extremely popular neighborhood areas.

Some of the best fishing on so lots of fisheries nevertheless take place on numerous of these areas late in the fall after all the boats leave. Huge neighborhood areas are typically at their really best-come fall.

Sunlight Bump

Fall fishing can carefully look like spring fishing with some of the discussions and places, and as the temperature levels drop throughout the fall, we frequently discover that we can have a hard time throughout the early morning and see that the water temperatures climb up a couple of degrees throughout the day when the sun comes out.

Normally, each successive early morning water temperature will be a little bit chillier as the fall advances and numerous strong standard patterns form.

Since we should wait for these fish to turn on, our fishing is typically systematic, and we typically discover that we should be a client with some areas.

Bass Fishing Lures for Beginners

Your destination is to match your lure to the foraging of the fish youre targeting. Crankbaits total in a assortment of shapes, colors, and sizes which make this goal achievable. Take the times to observe the water before you Begin to fish. try and discover out what the primary forage is.

Next you would like to chose a crankbait that runs at the deepness required. The size and shape of the plastic lip on a crankbait assures how deep it would swim while its called up.

To become intimate on the nearly common and working choices, consider the next propositions :


Some would say that jigs – hard, lead-headed baits on a single hook are the almost usable of baits to Take On into account – especially while fishing in waters that are somewhat shady or clear. Jigs are great for appealing inactive fish and acquiring the care of those who are buried deep. When utilizing these type of lure, maintain in mind that jigs are meant to produce a presentation, where success comes in making them total out observably alive. The ideal water temperature for this bass fishing lure is below 60 degrees. They are as well ideal for night-fishing.

Rubber Worms

The trouble of considering on real worms is extinguished while using rubber choices that function merely as well. An added weightiness in the structure of the lure grants a behind descent to the lowest of your fishing location. When a prosperous, bass strike at the rubber worm. If the lure gains the bottom without Whatsoever execute, plainly reel it back towards the surface and let it drop at one time once more.

Spinner Baits

The surpassing figure of spinner baits are reconstructed on an over-sized metal adherence that spins. This lure doesnt appeal fish through appealing to their hunger, but rather all over agitation. Spinner baits are year-round lures that specially function well during the spawning times of year while bass are less desperate to eat.

Fishing for bass may be, from times to times, filled on intense moments of agitation, especially while youre reeling in that big important mouth bass. To make sure enough that it doesnt acquire outside, you’re working to want the true equipment. Bass fishing rods are commonly made of composite materials like fiberglass to determine their flexibleness without taking by its sturdiness. As Well, the eyeholes that line the rod commonly are a bit bigger, allowing for the line to have got fewer complicatednesses while the wielder reels the game in. nearly pro bass anglerfish use an open-faced reel for its smooth reeling and its less rate of line tangle and different complications.

Arguably the nearly crucial piece of fishing equipment is the fishing line that you choose. almost fishing lines this day comprise of a combining of nylon and different complicated plastics. Since bass has got a disposition to turn genuinely hard fish, its crucial to make sure adequate your line has a test thats at least ten pounds or more than. As Well, the lure is nearly as cruicial as the line. Bass fishing lures total in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but usually replicate a little fish, such as a minnow. Depending upon the size of the lip, the piece of plastic formed like a spoonful at the nose of the lure, the lure may either trill deep or shallow.

There are entirely varieties of elements in that may affect the effectivity of your fishing, it’s greatest to research products in detail before you buy them. taking out the trial and error operation may save you tons of cash on bass fishing equipment, and annihilate the foiling of missing the captivate. With the true tools and the true skill, bass fishing may be an habit-forming sport that may bring years of fulfillment.