Why Men Love Fishing

Do you love fishing?

Well, if you understand the dynamics of fishing then you know what I am talking about. There is a belief that shows most men love fishing. Nowadays, the art of fishing is gradually declining because urbanization as limited fishing opportunities brought by infrastructures such as shopping centers, bridges and roads, are blocking access to the fishing spot.

However, fishing is still one of the most favorite activities that men find pleasurable. The following are 6 quick reasons why men love fishing.

It is a perfect way to release stress

Fishing is a perfect way to release some stress. Most men usually pursue difficult and demanding tasks which sometimes can be stressful. Others have had a long time trying to meet family and occupational needs.

Therefore, when they go for fishing it makes them feel relaxed because of the closeness to nature brought by the fishing environment; it is the ultimate stress-relieving mechanism which has some therapeutic benefits because nothing is more calming than sitting silently on your boat as you maneuver along the glimmering waters of the lake with the pink summer sky and smokey pillows when dusk sets in.

It Builds a quality circle of friends

Fishing provides a good platform where you can bond with your family and friends because I remember during my childhood days we got into a deep conversation with my grandfather and after fishing, I felt like it was the best time that I had with him. Additionally, you will also enjoy a quality circle of Friends especially those who love fishing. This is because you engage in the same activity and you share common stories and experiences.

fishing buddies

It makes you feel more masculine

The feeling of masculinity is a strong rejuvenating feeling that man possesses. When you implement the skills acquired from fishing, your family and friends will see you as a reliable masculine man who will be able to take care of the family irrespective of the situation. When fishing with my grandpa, I always felt more masculine and manly especially after a big catch, even though I was merely a child.

The rewards can be exhilarating

There isn’t much in this world that comes close to the feeling of making a huge catch. Most hobby fishermen would rather catch one big fish than 1000 small (or even medium sized) ones.

a big catch makes us feel proud

It is a comprehensive sport

Fishing is a comprehensive sport because I remember any time I wanted to go fishing I felt that it was the best outdoor activity that I could engage in. The swaying, sweating, rain, and wind have some physical strength which is an exercise on its own. That is why fishermen are usually physically fit and some can even live as long as 90 years old. This explains why fishing is a sport that allows men to keep themselves physically fit as the source for the fish.

It helps in shaping personality

Fishing provides you with an opportunity to live a minimalist lifestyle where you will have to abandon fortune, fame and monetary gains and embrace the beauty, the peace of mind and relaxation that nature presents. It also teaches you patience because fish are not caught instantly. You will have to keep the spirit and hope that you will get something by the end of the day. It may take longer hours before you are successful but eventually, you will learn to be patient in life. It also impacts you with some survival tactics and problem-solving skills that you can apply in your day-to-day life.

fishing teaches patience

It gives no room to extramarital affairs

People who love fishing have no money and time to engage in extramarital affairs. All they think is how they will spend their time and money on buying equipment and fishing gear.

Therefore, Fishing redefines a man’s relationship. You will notice that most fishermen love their wives because they value happiness and their wives and kids. At the end of the day, he knows that he will walk home with a bunch of fresh fish so that he can enjoy with the rest of the family.

Bottom Line

If you are a man and you’re looking for an activity to redefine your purpose in life then the ultimate option is going for fishing. Most men who have done fishing before have fully appreciated the values of the skills that they got from this activity. That is why most fishermen have reputable personalities and transferable skills that can benefit their kids and future generation.

Mohammad Deas

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